The agro-industrial chain is based on the close link between the production and transformation phases. Our agronomists provide this link by providing the best service to agricultural businesses, whose satisfaction represents the basis for ensuring the production facility receives raw materials in the required quantities and quality levels.

Sugar production management requires the acquisition of specific competencies in various fields, from agronomy, to dealing, to logistics. The experience we have attained in this area and the efficient organisation we have created allow Sadam Engineering to plan and manage other agro-industrial supply chains.

Specifically, in the area of agronomic research, Sadam Engineering is involved in:

  • improving quality of raw materials in the sugar industry;
  • producing energy from renewal sources;
  • producing biomasses and metabolite microbes for the agro-food sector;
  • purifying biological molecules obtained in fermentation;
  • extracting commercial molecules from complex matrices;
  • producing natural sweeteners and food products that improve human health.