Analysis and Consulting

Sadam Engineering offers analysis and consultancy services, participating in all phases of the project with expertise and flexibility, and continually searching for the most appropriate solutions to specific production needs.

The objective is to create added value for its customers and partners, through highly innovative projects that result in maximum productivity and ensure efficiency in energy consumption.


Systems planning is the company’s core business. In order to provide global execution of the planning, construction and layout of electronic systems, it is critical to have attained a wide range of competencies that allow the company to make use of the synergies between theoretical knowledge and experience, creativity and manual proficiency.

These characteristics allow Sadam Engineering to excel in various areas: engineering and environmental technology, food safety and research in the agronomic sector.

Industrial Systems

The company is made up of a group of technicians specialised in carrying out engineering projects, both high-level as well as detailed, who are able to support customers in building industrial systems and structures containing them. Specifically, Sadam Engineering is able to offer consultancy in the following types of projects:

  • systems for sugar factories
  • systems for distilleries
  • systems for animal feed factories
  • silos and related systems for conditioning, loading and unloading silage products
  • connections to turbo-gas stations
  • fluid beds
  • dryers
  • diffusion systems
  • chromatography systems
  • filters for sugar solutions
  • electrical systems
  • software and control systems
  • instrumental measuring and automation systems


Maintenance activities have always been economically critical in the sugar industry, in that they sustain the systems’ functionality and efficiency. Even more than in other sectors, sugar industry systems must ensure that production is never disrupted, therefore, maintenance must take place at the end of a production campaign, beginning with washing and upkeep of the systems.
Over time, the industry has changed from maintenance based on the experience of the operators and department managers, to “Preventive Maintenance”, to the most current techniques of “Predictive Maintenance”, based on studying the state of wear of the component and its residual life.
Today, Sadam Engineering applies the most advanced techniques based on the analysis of vibrations and thermography. The first case is used, for example, in all machines whose kinetics involves vibrational mechanics. The second is, for the most part, used for electrical components that tend to overheat during operation, due to their particular nature.
All the data collected is recorded and analysed, comparing it with a series of information that may come from either the technical specifications from the head office or from historical data on breakdowns in similar components. From this analysis, we use statistical methods to calculate and predict (hence the term Predictive) the residual life of the component being studied. Thus we are able to plan maintenance interventions, thereby avoiding accidental breakdowns, with the advantage of minimising costs of temporary non-productivity of the system.


A sugar factory is a highly complex system. Over the years, the domestic sugar industry has experienced periods of downsizing: certain obsolete systems were divested, others were re-engineered, expanding the structures, machinery and material flows. Sadam Engineering has been involved in many of the modernisation projects, both in planning and implementation.
With the introduction of standards for pollutant emissions in the atmosphere fixed by the Kyoto Protocol, Sadam Engineering has further concentrated its work on improving the energy efficiency of its systems. Furthermore, we are actively involved in industrial reconversion projects for obsolete systems following the approval of the new CMO Regulation.
These are ambitious projects that seek to create new production processes for products with high added value, reusing, to the extent possible, existing production sites and structures.

Energy production from renewable sources

The radical transformation of the production structure in the European sugar industry and the changing conditions in the global sugar market have led to a reorganisation of industrial production processes, related to the need to contain energy costs and achieve higher efficiency in transforming raw materials. Sugar industry production in the coming years will undoubtedly be connected with the development of energy from renewable sources, bringing about lower production costs for systems that transform sugar beets, but also offer additional income opportunities for agricultural producers.
Self-production of energy is an income opportunity for the agricultural supply chain and, in particular, for the sugar beet sector, whose continuity may be ensured by synergetic integration with the agro-energy sector. As a result of its experience modernising the San Quirico sugar factory in 2011, Sadam Engineering is able to transform a sugar plant into a multi-functional facility for the production of sugar and energy. In San Quirico, a bio gas production station, with a capacity of 1MW, and a 5 MW photovoltaic system were launched, which allow the facility to produce electricity from renewable sources or with reduced environmental impact, the majority of which is consumed by the sugar plant.


The agro-industrial chain is based on the close link between the production and transformation phases. Our agronomists provide this link by providing the best service to agricultural businesses, whose satisfaction represents the basis for ensuring the production facility receives raw materials in the required quantities and quality levels.

Sugar production management requires the acquisition of specific competencies in various fields, from agronomy, to dealing, to logistics. The experience we have attained in this area and the efficient organisation we have created allow Sadam Engineering to plan and manage other agro-industrial supply chains.

Specifically, in the area of agronomic research, Sadam Engineering is involved in:

  • improving quality of raw materials in the sugar industry;
  • producing energy from renewal sources;
  • producing biomasses and metabolite microbes for the agro-food sector;
  • purifying biological molecules obtained in fermentation;
  • extracting commercial molecules from complex matrices;
  • producing natural sweeteners and food products that improve human health.