Energy production from renewable sources

The radical transformation of the production structure in the European sugar industry and the changing conditions in the global sugar market have led to a reorganisation of industrial production processes, related to the need to contain energy costs and achieve higher efficiency in transforming raw materials. Sugar industry production in the coming years will undoubtedly be connected with the development of energy from renewable sources, bringing about lower production costs for systems that transform sugar beets, but also offer additional income opportunities for agricultural producers.
Self-production of energy is an income opportunity for the agricultural supply chain and, in particular, for the sugar beet sector, whose continuity may be ensured by synergetic integration with the agro-energy sector. As a result of its experience modernising the San Quirico sugar factory in 2011, Sadam Engineering is able to transform a sugar plant into a multi-functional facility for the production of sugar and energy. In San Quirico, a bio gas production station, with a capacity of 1MW, and a 5 MW photovoltaic system were launched, which allow the facility to produce electricity from renewable sources or with reduced environmental impact, the majority of which is consumed by the sugar plant.