Maintenance activities have always been economically critical in the sugar industry, in that they sustain the systems’ functionality and efficiency. Even more than in other sectors, sugar industry systems must ensure that production is never disrupted, therefore, maintenance must take place at the end of a production campaign, beginning with washing and upkeep of the systems.
Over time, the industry has changed from maintenance based on the experience of the operators and department managers, to “Preventive Maintenance”, to the most current techniques of “Predictive Maintenance”, based on studying the state of wear of the component and its residual life.
Today, Sadam Engineering applies the most advanced techniques based on the analysis of vibrations and thermography. The first case is used, for example, in all machines whose kinetics involves vibrational mechanics. The second is, for the most part, used for electrical components that tend to overheat during operation, due to their particular nature.
All the data collected is recorded and analysed, comparing it with a series of information that may come from either the technical specifications from the head office or from historical data on breakdowns in similar components. From this analysis, we use statistical methods to calculate and predict (hence the term Predictive) the residual life of the component being studied. Thus we are able to plan maintenance interventions, thereby avoiding accidental breakdowns, with the advantage of minimising costs of temporary non-productivity of the system.